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Incense India Online:: About Us

Incense India Online is exclusively into distribution and export of hand rolled Indian incense sticks (agarbattis), dhoop sticks and dhoop powder. We deal only in quality products manufactured by the leading and reputed manufacturers. Incense India Online is in the position to supply you any quantity or brands of incenses from India. We can consolidate different varieties and offer very competitive prices for large orders. We can also offer you exclusive marketing rights if the purchases are in large quantities for some of the products.

Long lasting relationship with the manufacturer and co-distributors we are providing economical products, but not at the cost of its quality. Our background helps us to create any kind of fragrance, as per your choice.

Our efficient logistic network ensures that the product reaches you on time & in perfect condition. All products come to Incense India Online’s warehouse from the manufacturer have been checked with special care and damaged products been replaced with fresh, new packets, if necessary. We are exporting to Japan, Brazil, U.S.A, U.K., France, Oman, Turkey, Peru and many other Countries.

Incense India Online is always perched to expand its activities & spread exotic fragrances even further across the globe. So keep on trying of our new aromas…

What’s New at Incense India Online?
Incense India Online started its manufacturing facility in Triptur at Tamilnadu and warehouse at Bengaluru since 2008 to facilitate its clients of Hand Rolled Raw Incense Sticks engaging a small group of villagers, after training them in the trade and ensuring their livelihood. In 2010 it has increased its production capacity to 30 tons per month.

Fair Trade & No Child Labour
At Incense India Online, the work force is paid a higher wages than the market rate and work under a pleasant circumstance. India is a developing country, with a population of over 1 billion and a lot of people are struggling to survive. We are just trying to provide a better living to a few of them within our limited capacity. We are committed to “NO CHILD LABOUR” policy.