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Incense India Online:: Disclaimer

1. The Buyer and the Seller
‘We’ and ‘Us’ means Xebec India Tours & Exports Pvt. Ltd. ( is a domain owned, hosted & maintained by Xebec India Tours & Exports Pvt. Ltd. All the content of this site is owned & copyrighted by Xebec India Tours & Exports Pvt.Ltd.)

‘You’ means the person buying any goods or services from us.

2. Sale of Goods
When we accept your order, you agree to buy and we agree to sell to you the goods specified in the order at the price specified, subject to the Terms and Conditions set out here. We reserve the right to reject an order if we suspect that it is not a legitimate order.

3. Personalisation (Customisation)
Where you have asked us to personalise any goods, we agree to use reasonable skill and care in doing so. You must take as much care as possible in giving us your personalisation instructions. We cannot accept liability for incorrectly personalised items if your instructions were not reasonably clear.

We may refuse to personalise items if we think that the personalisation is offensive or illegal. You agree to indemnify us against any claims or costs we may incur because your instructions cause us to break the law or rights of anyone.

If you ask us to alter your personalisation after the order has been received, we will make our best efforts to do so, but this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on how far the order has progressed. Sometimes this may result in an increased cost, which we promise to advise you of before going ahead with any changes in personalisation on your behalf.

4. The Catalogue, the Web Site and Prices
We cannot guarantee availability of all the goods in the catalogue (or on the Web-site), although we do try to make sure we have as many as we can in stock. If we send you a ‘substitute’ product for one that is no longer in stock, you have the automatic option to accept or decline the substitution. If you decline the substitute, you will receive a full refund for the item originally ordered.

Occasionally errors creep into the catalogue (and on the Web-site), and we ask that you check prices and specifications before placing your order if you are in any doubt whatsoever.

5. Amendments to Specifications and Cancellation
We may alter the specification of our goods from time to time so long as the alteration is minor, or it is an improvement. If we send you a ‘substitute’ product for one that is no longer in stock, you have the automatic option to accept or decline the substitution. If you decline the substitute, you will receive a full refund for the item originally ordered.

If, after you have placed an order, you wish to cancel it, we may consider doing so (at our discretion) but this may be subject to a handling charge. We do not accept cancellations on our goods after work has commenced on the products.

6. Delivery
If we have agreed to deliver goods, you will become responsible for the goods as soon as we have delivered them to you. If we use a third party carrier (e.g. First Flight or EMS) to deliver them, he shall be liable for damage or shortfall up to the point of delivery to you; provided that:-

• The damage or shortfall is notified to us or to the carrier (preferably in writing) within 10 days of delivery
• (if the goods have not been delivered at all) you notify us (preferably in writing) within 10 days of the scheduled delivery date (see Time for Delivery below).

7. Time for Delivery
We state clearly in our Catalogue and on our Web-site that most items are usually received within 15 days of accepting your order.

We always strive to ensure that delivery is achieved well within these timeframes, but we do not accept orders contingent upon a delivery date prior to these stated timeframes. Where a delivery date is specified as critical, we can only offer to do our best to meet that delivery date, but this does not constitute a guarantee.

However, whenever we become aware that goods will take longer than the aforementioned timeframes, we will endeavour to contact you to give you the option of continuing to wait for the item, or to accept a full refund for the item in question if work on your products has not already commenced.

There are several reasons for this, but largely it is to do with

A) the vagaries and unpredictability of the Postal and Courier Services, and
B) the volume of orders being handled at any specific period during the year.
C) holidays or illnesses or machinery breakdowns at one of our suppliers factories.

8. Waiver
If we fail or decide not to rely on any of our rights under this agreement, that does not mean to say that we may not rely on those rights in the future.

9. General
The headings used in this Agreement are used as a reference only and do not form part of the Agreement.

This Agreement is governed by Indian law.

Nothing in this Agreement is to be read as limiting or removing a customer’s statutory rights.

10. ‘No Quibble’ Guarantee
We hope that you are satisfied with your goods. If however we are satisfied that you have good reason to be dissatisfied, and notify us (preferably in writing) of your dissatisfaction so that we can improve the quality of our products and services.

If you agree with the above terms and conditions then proceed further with the order.