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Incense India Online:: Making of Incenses

High quality incense, such as that carried by Scents Appeal continues to be made mostly by hand, as has been done for thousands of years. The exotic woods used in the process are found in the dense jungles of India, Asia, Indonesia, and elsewhere. The incense we sell is manufactured exclusively in India.

In the manufacturing process, the natural gums and resins from precious woods, such as powdered sandalwood, are loaded into vats where they are mixed with other organic raw materials. Extruded incense is made by loading the mixture into machines which extrude the long strings of incense resembling spaghetti through a cluster of tiny orifices or make them into cones and coils through molds. Some incense is dried and powdered, mixed with a type of natural adhesive and rolled onto thin bamboo sticks.

The incense sticks, cones and coils are then cut evenly and laid out neatly and meticulously in wooded forms where they are left to dry. From here they are taken to a large room where the moisture, temperature, and light are carefully controlled. At no time are any chemicals or other foreign substances introduced, including lighter fluids, nitrates (preservatives), or any artificial ingredients.

The incense products remain in the factory for several days until they have cured. They are then gathered together and bundled. From there they move on to another area where the fragrance or essential oils are introduced. Again, the incense sticks must be allowed to set for several days to facilitate drying.

Next, the sticks are placed in heat-sealed packages of approximately 100 (or 1 pound bags of cones) and readied for shipment to retailers, fragrance boutiques and people all over the world who buy direct from us.

The finest quality of rare aromatic woods have been blended together to attain the desired subtlety in the fragrance, a sense of enjoyment and longer lasting freshness. The colors that are used in our incense are all natural and plant-based. To keep the incense burning slowly and longer, a special non-fragrant powder derived from the fubush plant which grows wild in areas of Asia, or similar natural ingredients are added. All this makes scents appeal incense among the finest in the world!