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Incense India Online:: Pros & Cons

Naturally preserve fragrance for longer time at its best quality than machine made sticks after dipping.

Absorb less quantity of liquid fragrance than machine made sticks during dipping and saves expensive fragrances.

Preserves the energies intact which generates during hand rolling process thus it releases the energies while burning.

Costs less than machine made due to economical labour cost in India.

Hand rolled incense sticks are always win over machine made sticks because it helps to earn the living of several hundreds of people.

Fragile in nature, chances of breakage or cracks during transportation or if kept in a variable temperature.

Difficult to maintain the weightage as it loses weight during drying process.

As it is made by hand, every stick is different from other.

Difficult to control the quality, even 3 tiers QC can’t guarantee 100% damage-free products.

Consignee should mentally prepare to receive 1%~3% damaged products but it is negligible on an amount of 9000 KG consignment.